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Success Story in Troubling Times

Recently one of our colleagues, MP, not only saved a position but got asked to propose a plan for improving and coordinating research and information use in the firm.

Background: like many firms MP’s firm had laid-off attorneys and staff, including librarians.  X years ago MP began applying ideas learned at a PLL sponsored workshop in DC and more recently from a Spectrum article on communicating with C-Level people. Armed with statistics and a narrative tailored to the Cs attending the meeting MP forcefully defended the need for the position and informed the Cs of the wide range of services provided by the library, the high customer satisfaction levels etc.

In short, MP did what librarians do best when we think about it: solved an information problem.

The take-away:  During difficult and trying times slipping into complacency and self-doubt comes easily.  Accept the grief and work through it – find the opportunity in the crisis to demonstrate your value.

An action item(s) please share:

  • your vision of improving and coordinating research and information use in your organization;
  • ideas of how AALL and we as individuals can create a new vocabulary that helps librarians control their own destiny, prepare for the future ( and the present), gain the proficiency with the tools to communicate and a new framework for analysis of the ROI of a law library.

July 2009

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