Book Review: The Marketer’s Handbook of Tips & Checklists

Haserot, Phyllis Weiss.  The Marketer’s Handbook of Tips and Checklists.  Eagan, MN.  Thomson West, 2008.  221 pages.

In today’s economy, marketing your business is essential to the success of your venture.  Ms. Haserot, the President of Practice Development Counsel where she counsels firms and individuals on business development strategies, has created a handbook for marketers filled with tips and checklists that can be used by seasoned law firm professionals or sole practitioners to market their law firm. 


The Table of Contents of The Marketer’s Handbook of Tips and Checklists, is divided into seven topics, which in and of itself is a marketing plan from start to finish.   The book starts with a chapter on planning your marketing strategy and concludes with strategies to use when hiring a marketing professional to work with you.  In between, Ms. Haserot provides information on communicating with clients, business development techniques, selling your services, providing quality services to your clients, and managing a law firm.  Each checklist is clearly titled so that the reader knows the subject matter of the checklist, making it easy to decide whether the list is applicable to your project or situation.  Another helpful strategy used by the author are the do’s and don’ts lists she provides.   Furthermore, the list the author provides are very detailed and account for all contingencies.   


Ms. Haserot is obviously very knowledgeable on the subject.   This book would be ideal for any law firm library or marketing department.  It would also be useful for academic law libraries and every graduate from law school considering the start of their own firm should own a copy.


Christine Hepler is associate law library director at the University of Maine Donald L. Garbrecht Law Library in Portland.

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