Book Review of Terrorism: International Case Law Reporter, 2007 edition

Terrorism: International Case Law Reporter. Edited by Michael A. Newton. Oxford University Press, 2009. Hardcover, Bound. Volume 1-2, 1578 pages. $120.00 per volume.

Terrorism: International Case Law Reporter, 2007 is the first edition of a projected annual series publication. This reporter compiles select terrorism cases from around the world including cases from both domestic jurisdictions and a variety of international tribunals and bodies. The only commentary contained in this reporter is the editor’s introduction. The editor, Michael A. Newton, is a Professor at Vanderbilt University Law School and has extensive expertise in terrorism and international law. According to Professor Newton’s introduction, Terrorism: International Case Law Reporter is designed to provide researchers and practitioners an overview of terrorism jurisprudence. I recommend this reporter for a law library that serves policymakers or researchers interested in terrorism jurisprudence. It will not be useful to many practitioners because its scope is too broad and because it is not clear if future editions will provide a mechanism to update the cases. Researchers interested in terrorism jurisprudence may be able to find the cases located in this reporter using other means, but this publication is convenient because it pulls the cases together in an organized fashion. In addition, the Oxford University Press website boasts that many cases contained in this reporter are translated into English for the first time. This edition of the reporter contains decisions from 2007, but some earlier decisions are included. In his introduction, Professor Newton indicates that a select number of opinions decided prior to 2007 were necessary to illustrate the development of counterterrorism law.

Terrorism: International Case Law Reporter is user friendly. The cases are organized by subject. Both volumes include a detailed list of subjects. The main subject headings the cases are categorized under include: Terrorism and National Security in General; Constitutional Challenges, Human Rights, and Civil Liberties; Financial Aspects of Terrorism; and Specific Regions. The main subject headings are further divided into subtopics. Each volume contains a table of contents that includes the subjects addressed in that particular volume. Additionally, the reporter contains an individual table of contents in the beginning of each sub topical section that lists the corresponding cases alphabetically. If a given case addresses multiple subtopics listed in the reporter, the full case appears under the subtopic that is the primary focus of the opinion, and then cross-referenced in appropriate individual table of contents. For additional research ease, the second volume contains a Subject Index of Cases and a Consolidated Table of Cases. Professor Newton indicates in the introduction that cases in later editions, beginning with the 2008 edition, will contain editorial enhancements including headnotes and key words.

The Oxford University Press website indicates that Terrorism: International Case Law Reporter contains the full opinions of cases referred to in the first and second series of Terrorism: Documents of International and Local Control, which is a voluminous and expensive loose-leaf that examines the evolution of terrorism over a span of twenty-five years. A library would not have to purchase Terrorism: Documents of International and Local Control to use Terrorism: International Case Law Reporter. I could not determine if this reporter will be available in an electronic format. If it is not available electronically, Oxford University Press should consider an electronic format for this publication in the future.

Alyssa Folse, Reference and Instructional Services Librarian, Stetson University College of Law

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