Resources related to new Sustainabile Law Librarian Column

Resources and Conversation on Sustainability in Law Libraries

I am the author of the new Sustainability Law Librarian column published in the Spectrum. Please join the conversation and share ideas about column articles and sustainability in general.

I intend top publish additional information related to each column article to help individuals understand and take action relating to sustainability in their library’s/organizations. In addition, I hope the blog will help us share and discuss issues relating to sustainability.  I hope you will join the conversation!

The first article in from the new column is: “The Triple Bottom Line and Why We Care about Sustainability.”

See my Diigo list of resources on topics covered in this article at the bottom of this post.

Topics covered in this article:

What is Sustainability?
See the article for 2 definitions. Do you have something to share?

Why do we care about sustainability?
We care because scientific consensus says human caused climate change is happening and the world is warming at an unprecedented rate. We face a 5 to 10 degree rise in temperature in this century with no policy and a 2 to 5 degree increase with aggressive worldwide policy. These predictions are based on the most sophisticated computer models. Scientist have claimed that more than 2-3 degrees increase will set off catastrophic and irreversible changes. See MIT charts at:

See my 2009 Power Point presentation: “Librarians and Environmental Sustainability” at: At risk is our health, national security, water resources, plant and animal extinctions, entire island states….

This presentation presents scientific data and reports relating to projections for our future.

What is the “triple bottom line?”
Classic book on the TBL –

Tip: save energy, money and reduce your climate impact by using energy efficient lighting.
See page 6 EPA’s Law Office Guide to Energy Efficiency at:

My Relevant Links From Diigo:

David Selden
National Indian Law Library/NARF

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