Books for bytes – evolving collections

The Daily Record from Baltimore has a well-balanced story about the changing collections of law libraries around Baltmore,

It includes quotes from users, administrators and librarians in law firms, academic and public law libraries; helpful in understanding varying reasons and responses: books as comfort or status, ease of use to economics of space and revenue production.

1 Response to “Books for bytes – evolving collections”

  1. 1 Dee Faison January 31, 2011 at 2:36 am

    This is a very interesting article because it definitely allows you to see various perspectives of how users, administrators, and librarians are viewing law libraries in this technology age. It almost makes you wonder are people redefining the library with respect to having tangible books opposed to virtual books. Or will libraries inevitably be redefined because of the rapid evolving nature of technology? I believe books are very important with respect to libraries and technology should always play a significant role within the library, but I do not believe technology should replace the library.

    Dee Faison
    MLS Graduate Student
    NC Central University

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