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March issue of Spectrum online

Also, readers respond to this month’s Member to Member question: “Who is your favorite patron and why?”

Paper copies mailed out to members on March 1 so look for them in your mailboxes soon.

Vendor Colloquium: The reporter’s role – and other reporting

Discussions about the possibility of reporting the Colloquium by blogging began in early January, because the publication lead-time for AALL Spectrum meant that a feature-length article would not appear until after the AALL Annual Meeting in July.

As the designated report, my responsibility was to observe and report, without including my comments, observations, or opinions, and not to participate in the discussion.

The reporting of the blog was fairly exhaustive and complete with little left out. It’s not a verbatim transcript of course, and that’s why I’ve suggested that attendees email me privately about any errors or omissions so that I can expand the reporting to provide a more complete, nuanced contextual understanding of the two days. Note well: I will not attribute any comments to an individual other than the facilitator, Maureen Sullivan and Roberta Shaffer’s remarks during her keynote presentation.

If you have questions about the completeness of any post, please consider commenting here rather than just posting on your own blog.

The reporting process: During the Colloquium, I took notes in MindNode Pro, organized them, exported to RTF, edited, revised in Word, posted the draft to WordPress where Julia O’Donnell, AALL communications director, edited for style, grammar, and punctuation.

Again, the reporting did not include my comments or observations; that will come over the next few days.

Yesterday one of the participants, Greg Lambert, shared his notes as 3 XtraNormal video presentations to the PLL lists, writing:

For those of you interested, I took my notes and memories of the keynote speech that Roberta Shaffer (Law Librarian of Congress) gave at the AALL Vendor Colloquium on Monday and put it into three XtraNormal video presentations.

Part One: Rule of Law as a Coral Reef ( <> )
Part Two: Trends in Law and Law Practice ( <> )
Part Three: The Changing Roles Today ( <> )

I have to admit that the videos are surprisingly helpful in digesting the information being discussed.

Now, one thing to remember is that I went off of my notes and memories here, and the actual discussion was in the hour and a half range… whereas the videos total less than 30 minutes. So, there are probably things I left out, and things that I might have interpreted from the keynote that may not be exactly as Roberta said them. So, if it sounds great… then that’s probably all due to Roberta. If it sounds odd or wrong… then blame me and my notes.

March 2011

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