United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, 1982 : a Commentary

If you don’t keep up closely with law of the sea publications, beware. On Brill’s web site, they are advertising the publication mentioned in the subject line as a 2011 “new title.” It has an all-new ISBN. Our bib. searchers noted that we had a “1985” edition, and this item went all the way through the acquisitions process without checking the shelf. It turns out it’s an exact duplicate of the “1985” set we own–which actually had an open publication date, but was recently completed with the 2011 volume. The new ISBN is for the recently completed set. None of this caught anyone’s attention, and we ordered it using the new ISBN for the completed set, at a price of $2,739.00!!!

Unfortunately, the vendor we ordered through is our shelf-ready preprocessing vendor, so the entire 7-volume [duplicate!] set was received with our stamp, spine labels, tattle tape, etc., and we cannot send it back. Ouch!!!

-from a post on the AALL TS-SIS list by

Loren Stamper
Head of Technical Services
University of San Diego
School of Law/Legal Research Center
San Diego CA


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December 2011

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