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FUD – Fear Uncertainty & Doubt

When I worked in a law firm in an employment-at-will state, I approached each day believing I needed to prove my value again to a different group of customers/clients/users/partners. So, I always watch for new useful collections of pointers: “Networking is key to navigating recession” by Ari L. Kaploan in the 3/2/09 National Law Journal and “Take Proactive Steps to Avoid a Layoff” by Stacy Humphries and Elaine Makris Williams in the 3/2/09 Texas Lawyer are two such collections. The short version: figure out how to add value to decision-makers and polish your resume.

– Mark


Tweeting in the mainstream media – 3/9/09

Twitter was in the media on Monday. The Wall Street Journal carried “How to Twitter” by Julia Angwin; a fun how-to guide reminiscent of Julie and Julia by Julie Powers. The Washington Post had “Firms take to the Tweetable Business Model” by Kim Hart; a good overview of training programs for employees and using Twitter for business intelligence research.

I’ve not quite figured out how I might use Twitter in a public law library. I did however learn of a library that sends an RSS feed of books that are returned from circulation. Subscribers to the feed can follow a link to the online catalog and place a hold on the book.

– Mark

Learn to Say No

Sometimes librarians must say “no.” Despite our strong service orientation there are limits to how much we can “do more with less.” “How to Say ‘No’ to a Partner” in the 2/27/09 issue of the Legal Intellinger offers some excellent suggestions.

– Mark