Learn to Create a Quick Strategic Plan When You Don’t Have Time to do it Perfectly

Strategic planning is one process for setting goals and priorities. However, it is easy to become distracted by unwieldy and repetitive processes, jargon, and arguments over whether something is a goal, outcome, principle, or strategy. Join the June 9 webinar, The Five-Minute Strategic Plan: When You Don’t Have the Time or Resources to Do It Perfectly, from 11 a.m.-12 p.m. CST, to learn a simple, proven model that translates strategic planning into four basic steps (plus one that repeats). It allows for effective design and execution when time is short and you need to move ahead quickly – without driving yourself and other people crazy.

This webinar will discuss how to:

  • Effectively sample qualitative and quantitative research about past, current, and potential users
  • Distill leadership-level concepts (mission, vision, values) in a “where are we going, and why” statement
  • Tie strategic planning goals into project management execution
  • Evaluate plans based on users’ criteria
  • Prevent micromanagement

Register by June 2.

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