Electronic Resources

(1) the winter 2009 digital supplement to American Libraries has a good piece, “The Bunheads are Dead” about stereotypes and the future of librarians and library education;

(2) a semantic search engine, hakia that  uses  librarians to contribute credible sites;

(3) a new search engine “SweetSearch” by FindingDulcinea uses a team of researchers to evaluate sites for inclusion.



1 Response to “Electronic Resources”

  1. 1 michaelricciami January 29, 2009 at 3:22 am

    As we at Seton Hall Law mourn the passing of our Head of Reader Services, Ms. Eileen Denner, we thought that your readers, many of whom Ms. Denner came to know over the years, would want to know.


    Very Truly Yours,
    Michael J. Ricciardelli, J.D.
    Cell 908-447-3034

    Janet LeMonnier
    Director of Communications
    Seton Hall University School of Law
    One Newark Center, Rm 313 — Newark, NJ 07102
    Office 973-642-8724
    Fax 973-642-8031

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